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Summer has finally arrived! Summer has finally arrived!

8oz Room Spray

***Please note if you've ordered these previously we have new spray bottles, the new ones hold the same amount they are just shorter/wider. Perfect for an instant burst of fragrance our room sprays come in an 8oz bottle with a fine mist trigger sprayer ensuring that your fragrance covers the most space. Made with an alcohol base and our high-quality, essential oil-infused, phthalate-free fragrance oils our sprays are strong and long lasting. Only 1-2 sprays are needed. Top recommended scents: Saturday Morning Cartoons, Calm, Cedar & Lavender, High Tide, Citrus Bliss, Paloma Perfect for : Bedding Bathrooms Dorms Offices Lobbies/Waiting Rooms/Reception Areas Cars Classrooms Gym Bags or Lockers